Who is it for?

Sync for DJI Osmo is for users who want to edit just captured high resolution media or share it with friends and followers without PC or Mac.

How is it different from DJI Mimo?

Sync for DJI Osmo - the app that helps you download media from your Osmo Pocket or Osmo Action with a few short steps: Choose → Download → Export. Also you can share the media instantly from connected device. Also Sync for DJI Osmo support 4K, Trim before download and create Hyperlapse (from Timed Shots) features.

What devices Sync for DJI supports?

Sync for DJI Osmo supports: Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action.

Why Sync for DJI is better tool for downloading and edit video than DJI GO?

Because of Sync for DJI:
1. Supports downloading of video even it was recorded in 4K resolution or recorded using H.265 codec. Such feature allows you to share the best quality footage with your friends in any social network.
2. Lets you trim files before download. That feature saves you much time. For now, you don't need to download the whole file if you want just one part of it.
3. Allows you to download media in the background. So you can use other apps while your files are downloading.
4. Designed with the full wish of instrument that works excellent with any social networks and blogging


How can I connect my Osmo Action to Sync for DJI Osmo app?

1. Power on the camera using the Disp/Power button on top of the camera or make sure that the camera does not timeout. 2. Swipe down on the screen to enter the menu and tap settings 3. Scroll down to Wireless connection then Wireless info 4. On your mobile phone open your Wifi settings and select the Osmo Action and enter the password displayed on Osmo’s screen 5. If connection is succesfull your device will appear on top of second tab

View and manage

How to work with quick tool - Download picked items?

Quick tool ‘Download picked items’ will automatically start downloading picked items when your Osmo Pocket/Action is connected.

How to set like or tag?

To set like or tag you need to tap and hold your finger on one of these items and then move to desired value.

How to remove like or tag?

Open the Tag or Like menu and choose dashed item to remove like or tag.

How to quickly remove or download specific files?

Use Filter feature. Open Filter, choose Suitable options and then tap on Apply button.

How to delete all rejected items by one step?

Open Side menu and choose ‘Delete all rejected items’. This option will delete all rejected files on connected device.

Download, share and export

How to download files on my phone?

1. Launch Sync for DJI Osmo
2. Connect phone to Osmo Pocket or Osmo Action (using WiFi or OTG cable)
3. Tap on any of the item (or use ‘select’ mode)
4. Tap on ‘Download’ icon on the left side of the bottom bar
5. Selected item(s) will be downloaded to app ‘Storage’

How to export files in Photos or Gallery?

1. Download item(s) to local ‘Storage’ 2. Tap on any item on ‘Storage’ tab 3. Tap on ‘Download’ icon on the left side of the bottom bar 4. Selected item(s) will export to ‘Photos’/‘Gallery’

How to share photos/videos via Sync for DJI?

1. Connect smartphone to DJI device 2. Open Tab with your items 3. Tap on any of the item or use ‘select’ mode 4. Tap on ‘Share’ icon on the left side of the bottom bar 5. Selected item(s) will be shared to desired social network

What is the highest resolution for photo and video I can get downloading from my DJI device?

Sync for DJI Osmo supports all types of video and photo. You can download original files even if you recorded it in 4K resolution.

Why I need to allow Sync for DJI Osmo for iOS use my geoposition?

iOS requires using the geoposition to support background downloading. Otherwise iOS will close Sync for DJI Action application and stop downloading processes within 3 minutes after minimizing the app. We strongly recommend you to Allow Sync for DJI Osmo using your geopositon while downloading your media from the device. Sync for DJI will not save or use your geolocation in any other way.


What are minimum frames for making short hyperlapse?

25 frames.

How do I need to take timed shots to take good raw material for hyperlapse?

Use any mode you want (like Point of Interests, Course lock, of freestyle). An interval between files creating should be maximum 5 sec.

Can I take RAW shots and then create hyperlapse with ones?

For now - no. It will be available in next Sync for DJI updates.

What settings I can use to make hyperlapse better?

When you are on drone and find timed shots elements with icon: Then in hyperlapse editor you can use one of settings: Resolution: SD - Output resolution for the hyperlapse is 480px width HD - Output resolution for the hyperlapse is 720px width Full HD - Output resolution for the hyperlapse is 1080px width 2.7K - Output resolution for the hyperlapse is 1520px width 4K - Output resolution for the hyperlapse is 2160px width Stabilization: Smooth - Optimal stabilization if your camera was moving or rotating during shooting footage No Motion - Suitable if your camera was pointing to same direction and wasn’t moving None - Stabilization is OFF. The hyperlapse is stitched together as is. Framing: Auto Scale - Crops the moving edges and scales up the image to refill the frame Crop - Crops the moving edges without scaling. Output resolution is affected in this case None - Fills the moving edges with the black color Speed: Slow - One second of output video fits about 15 frames [No transition frame] Normal - One second of output video fits about 24 frames [With transition frame] Smooth - One second of output video fits about 30 frames [With transition frame] Fast - One second of output video fits about 60 frames [No transition frame]