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This feature is available for both Sync for DJI and Sync for Osmo apps

How to apply Color Preset

Compatible with file formats:

  • JPEG

  • Panorama

  • Timed Shots

  • Hyperlapse

  • RAW (coming soon)

  • Video (coming soon)

Aerial photography becoming a very popular genre, that is why we advise all pilots and users of the apps to use our Color Presets. Using free color preset in the apps is very simple. You don’t need special skills. Our color presets are saved in the app. 

To add preset for a single photo:
  1. Open any photo on storage or device

  2. Tap on Preset icon on bottom bar


   3. On Preset editor choose preset that match your photo well

   4. You can use any preset for any single photo and then use that exact preset for few images. 

How to apply color preset to few images:
  1. Open grid with all files

  2. Enter Select mode

  3. Choose photos and tap on Color Preset icon in the bottom bar

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