More power to you.

Sync for DJI is designed to make your iPhone and DJI device experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful. Here are the our features.


Trim before download

Download only nice parts of video drastically reducing needed time. (especially for 4K and other massive videos)


Custom video support

4K, 2.7K, RAW (DNG), and many others. Literally, all media that DJI Go 4 doesn't support. Also, support High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) H.265. Read more


Background support

Use other apps while Sync for DJI downloads media for you.

Stitch and Share 


Sync for DJI allows you to share your panorama directly on Facebook with 3d viewing support.

Reliable Notifications

The application only informs you when it needs your attention. You will never miss when the download is finished.


Fast and Easy Sharing

Share your best photos and videos directly from the DJI device. Personalize your media with Color Presets and custom watermarks.


Advanced media Management

Easily preview, tag, favorite or reject media, and create collections on your device or in the local storage.

With smart filters and tasks the app gives you effective control over what you want to download or share.


And many more

Custom watermarks, advanced information about each file, local storage, Quick Tools, RAW support, Make hyperlapse video.