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How to download video from DJI Mavic Air or any other DJI equipment

1. Make sure no DJI-based apps (including DJI GO, and another third party DJI drone/Osmo apps) are running in the background. If there are any, force close them.


2. Turn ON an aircraft and remote controller.


3. If you have a Wi-Fi based drone (P3 Standard/P3 4K/Spark): connect to the Wi-Fi network of the aircraft, if you have a USB-based remote controller, plug the remote controller into the mobile device


4. Launch Sync for DJI


5. Choose any video (Sync for DJI supports of downloading 4K and H.265 video) or photo.


6. Tap on the download button


Sync for DJI works even in the background. So you can do whatever you need on your phone while your footage is downloading from DJI drone.

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