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This feature is available only for Sync for DJI app

How to download and share 360°,180°, and other types of panoramas to Facebook

How does it works?

Sync for DJI supports 180°, 360° (sphere), horizontal and vertical panoramas. We would also like to separately emphasize that Sync for DJI allows you share all these types of panoramas directly to Facebook (previously you had to download and use third-party software to upload it with a 3D view). Now all you need are your drone and the Sync for DJI application.

How to download panorama:
  1. Launch the app and connect a drone;

  2. Find a pano on a connected aircraft;

  3. Tap to open it;

  4. Now you can download one to preview (DJI SDK limitation);

  5. After successfully downloading, open it again and use it how you want. 

How to share pano with Facebook:
  1. Preview downloaded pano

  2. At the bottom left, choose the ‘share’ option (tap and hold on the ⬇️ icon)

  3. Select the Facebook app (it should be installed on your iPhone/iPad)

  4. That is it! Just write a post and share the pano image!

*Note: only 360° and 180° panoramas support 3D view on Facebook. 

Watch how to connect your aircraft to iPhone/iPad here.

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