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What's new Sync for DJI Android v.271

We have worked day and night to bring a fantastic feature to you!

— TRIM BEFORE DOWNLOAD — YES! We have been able to make it! ‘Trim before download’ feature allows you to trim the part of the video that you want BEFORE you download it from aircraft or Osmo.

How to use:

- Download the latest version of the app (273 or later) - Connect your device as usual to iPhone/iPad - Open the app and choose long video - Tap on ’Scissors’ icon and trim video clip to download only the best moment in the whole video - Tap DONE and start the download!

Yet in the background and with resume ability. Saved video clips you can share as usual to networks or video editors. It reduces download time and saves your battery life. Trim any cool moments in your videos in seconds! Now you can make great looking videos within minutes!

Also in this version: ⁃ Added Android 10 support. Now app won’t crash on new Android devices. ⁃ Added DJI Mobile SDK v.4.11 ⁃ Improved Timed Shots recognition on Phantom 3/4. Now Phantom 3/4 owners can create beautiful Hyperlapse by a few taps ⁃ Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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