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Meet — Color Presets for your aerial photos

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Welcome to Color Presets feature in Sync for DJI app!

We've developed exclusive 25+ presets specially for your aerial photos. Our collection offers professional color presets for aerial photos in JPG formats.

Having worked more than 2 years with aerial photos, Sync for DJI team knows what aerial photography needs. Our preset collection was designed by professionals and tested on various images to make the necessary adjustments and provide high-quality and simple in use. When designing them, we’ve accounted for all the main nuances of aerial photography including lighting, subject matter and places. That’s why if you’re into this aerial photography genre or want to dive into it, don’t hesitate to download Sync for DJI app and start using our genius presets. Each color preset contains a bunch of general settings like: white balance, sharpness, contrast, colors, shadows, temperature and some our magic.

Preset Editor

5 categories with 5 effects to choose from, you’ll definitely find the most fitting one for each of your photographs:

  • City

  • Beach

  • Landscape

  • Sunset

  • Sunrise

Aerial photography becoming a very popular genre, that is why we advise all pilots and users of Sync for DJI app to use our Color Presets. Using free color preset in Sync for DJI app is very simple. You don’t need special skills.


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