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Get a Wholesome App Experience and Never Run Out of Space for Your DJI Files with Our Powerful New Features

Have you ever come across a situation where you had captured amazing aerial images from a DJI drone, but when you try to download it to your phone, a daunting message pops up "Insufficient storage space"? 


Isn’t it frustrating? 


Drone footage can be massive, downloading videos from the drone to the mobile phone requires huge storage space. It almost requires double of storage space for the download to be successful. But fear not, DJI enthusiasts! We've got your back with enhanced features in the all-new Sync for DJI app. 


In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the additional features we've added to address the challenges that you might have faced. 


As drone enthusiasts ourselves, we know the frustration of running out of storage space or facing difficulties in managing your footage effectively. That's why we've worked tirelessly to develop solutions that not only solve storage problems but also enhance your overall DJI experience.  

Let's dig into what our addon features are and how they can help you-   


Easy Login & Signup


To offer a secure and personalized user experience, we have now integrated a login feature. Creating an account with a secure password will ensure that only authorized individuals can access their information. Thus, once logged in, users can now get a seamless experience by navigating through the application without repeatedly entering credentials again and again.


Supports Cloud Storage


With our new add-on, cloud solutions, you can eliminate the storage limitations on your application and capture breathtaking aerial images without worrying about running out of storage space. One can simply upload images to the cloud, categorize them, and access them even if your device is damaged. Moreover, with cloud backup, you can delete local copies without worry as videos and images are securely backed up in the cloud.  


Enhanced Storage Management


Say goodbye to storage worries!  


With enhanced storage facilities you can keep your memories organized and readily accessible. One can choose from a free plan for casual users and get free storage up to 3 GB. For those who require more storage space, we have flexible paid plans available. Beyond this, one can also categorize footage based on date, location, or any other category that works best for you. 


In addition to these features, our application already has existing features to ease the tasks from downloading to sharing. The features include trimming media before sharing, H.265 (HEVC) export, custom watermark, sharing panorama, getting background support and switching between tabs while downloading images, instant notifications after downloading images, and many more. 


So, what are you waiting for? Download our app now and accelerate your DJI Drone experience with our revised version. 


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