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Store Your Drone Footage with Ease with our flexible storage solutions

The images and videos captured through drones are of high resolution. Managing such large files is a daunting task!  

You might find yourself constantly running out of space and struggling with slow uploads.  


How about a world where storing aerial drone shots is as easy as capturing them? Don’t worry, with Sync for DJI, this vision can become a reality. Our app is all updated with new features just to allow our users to focus on what truly matters, that is taking breathtaking footage. 


Managing Storage with a user-friendly dashboard 

With a user-friendly dashboard, you can manage your storage easily. You can choose from different plans as per your storage requirements. The subscription amount varies as per what plan you choose whether it is monthly or yearly. The yearly plans can contribute to significant savings as compared to monthly counterparts as users can enjoy the service at a discounted rate.   


The monthly subscription plan includes-  

Free plan, for getting 3 GB of Space  

  • Free plan, for getting 3 GB of Space  

  • Lite plan, for getting 1 TB Space  

  • Pro plan, for getting 3 TB Space  

  • The master plan, for getting 5 TB Space  

Its Benefits-  


  • The ease of choosing from different subscription plans allows users to select the plan that best fits their needs and choose between monthly or yearly billing options, all from a single, unified place. 

  • Users can start with a free plan and upgrade as their storage needs grow, thus paying only for what they need. This scalability ensures that drone users won't outgrow their storage solution.  


Summing Up  

Sync for DJI app offers a solution to your DJI data management needs.  With flexible storage options, you can easily manage and store your drone footage without worrying about running out of space. Choose the plan that suits you best and enjoy hassle-free data syncing and management. 

Download the app now:

For Android: Sync For Dji


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