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What's New and Why You'll Love It

Hello, DJI Fans!  

We’re super excited to announce that we are re-launching our app with some new add-ons. A game-changing update is on the way to help you tackle all the challenges that hinder you while uploading and downloading images. Our team has been working hard to integrate new features by keeping your valuable feedback in the loop, just to offer a DJI experience like never before.   

Sync for DJI is a drone app, that is designed specifically to help you easily download and share footage captured through DJI devices. The application was already offering some great features, but we are constantly striving to improve the user experience. Our app is now being updated to impress you!  

Get ready to elevate your DJI experience with the all-new features of our Sync for DJI app! The app is now being updated with the latest DJI SDK (Software Development Kit), which has been integrated with the most recent version of DJI's software tools for developers. This update typically allows the app to take advantage of new features and compatibility with the latest DJI drones and accessories.    

Let’s check out the benefits that come with this update-   

  • Integrating the latest DJI SDK ensures that the Sync for DJI app works flawlessly with your existing and future DJI drones and Osmo cameras.    

  • The new SDK update will allow for enhancing storage-related features    

  • Experience fast downloads, great app responsiveness, and a more intuitive user interface with updated features    

  • Enhanced data synchronization capabilities will allow the app to synchronize data flight logs, settings, or updates with DJI drones more effectively.  But that's not all! The new update also brings a host of exciting new features to the app. 


What’s Next?


Stay tuned for our next blog post focused on what all new features have been added addressing challenges encountered while saving large-sized footage. Don't miss out on how Sync for DJI is transforming the way you store and manage your drone footage! 

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